Viking / Norse Underdress:


Now, if you're anything like me, you've been wearing plain ol' T-tunics under your fabulous apron dresses...
Seems kind of wrong somehow, doesn't it??

Well, now we've got a conjecturally period dress to go with our aprons!

It's fairly easy to make, and uses a LOT less fabric than a t-tunic!

Here's what it will look like when complete:
Final Dress

That's all well and good, you say, but how the heck do I turn that into a dress that fits me?


(1) Shoulder to Floor
(2) Around Fist
(3) Over the shoulder to underarm
(4) Underarm width (usually between 6 & 10 inches) divided by 2
(5) Shoulder to Shoulder (front and back, use the larger number)
(6) Arm length from shoulder

To figure how much fabric you need, take measurement (1) and double it.

Using me as an example:
(1) 63"
(2) 11"
(3) 10"
(4) 4"
(5) 20"
(6) 27"

At the top of the shoulder, I am 63" from the floor; therefore, I will need a
piece of fabric 126 inches long.
This is 3.5 yards. This is a great design! It used to take me 6 yards of
60" wide fabric to make an underdress!!

I can even use 45" wide fabric! But, the wider the fabric, the fuller your dress.


Here's where it gets a little harder to explain:
Take your fabric and fold it in half along the short axis, then spread it out flat on the floor.
You will need a yard stick/measuring tape/piece of string for this as well as a piece of chalk that contrasts with your fabric.

Make sure you add in seam allowances and mark everything out like this:

Cutting Layout

Then, cut on the chalk lines. Make sure you cut out the neck hole...

When you have all the pieces cut out: First, sew the gores to the sleeves at the (4) measurement.
Then, sew the top of the sleeves together along the (6) measurement.
Next, finish the neck hole. (Make sure it's big enough to go over your head.)
Then, sew the gore/sleve parts to the body of the dress.
Hem the sleeves.
Sew the sides from wrist to hem.
Hem the bottom.


You can do embroidery on it if you like.

Well, hopefully this makes sense. If not, feel free to email me at, and I'll try to help.

In Service,
meistara Vigdís vestfirzka

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